Testimonials - Pratik Shinde Soccer Academy

Suniel Shetty

Bollywood Actor

"Congrats Pratik. The Journey You Have Started With PSSA Is Just The Beginning For Budding Football Stars & Their Overall Development"

Ritu Phogat

Indian Wrestler


"PSSA (Pratik Shinde Soccer Academy) Is Doing A Great Job For Our Country, All The Very Best"


Bollywood Director & Producer


  "I think what Pratik is doing with PSSA (Pratik Shinde Soccer Academy) is commendable. To bring sports to those kids who would not otherwise have access to explore their hidden talent. More power to you Pratik & PSSA"

Adil Hussain

Bollywood & Hollywood Actor


"I am so proud and inspired by Pratik Shinde for the initiative he took to establish PSSA (Pratik Shinde Soccer Academy). We need more people like Pratik who truly care for the Next Generation"