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Former FC Pune City Midfielder Pratik Shinde rejoins Houston Hurricanes FC
July 21, 2016
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                                            Hello guys

Welcome to the official Blog of Pratik Shinde

Today I am starting my new Blog, Where I will be writing about my lifestyle &, answering the questions I usually get from the people, plus I will keep writing an insight of my footballing & travelling journey. I will write whenever i get a chance,  Hope you all will enjoy!


Pratik ShindeFew of the following questions i get, 

  • What is the secret of my fitness?
  • How do I workout?
  • What products i use?
  • How often do I train myself?
  • What do I do for Quick Recovery?
  • What are the best Supplements for a Football Player or Athlete?
  • How is my travel experience? etc.

So basically in my next blogs ill be writing about my lifestyle and answering few questions in the bottom, Will Share my experience by uploading photos and videos on my social media pages.

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